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Morning Line

  Welcome to KWTO's Morningline
                                           with Brian Calfano

New Listener? First time caller? E-mail, write, or give us a call and let us know! You'll be entered into a drawing for a free one month subscription to the Springfield News-Leader!

Start your weekday mornings off right at 6 with Morningline with Brian Calfano. Brian is joined by “Big” John Henderson at the controls and Don Paul with the latest news and information from the Ozarks News Network. KWTO's Morningline is the only source of talk, news, and information you need for local, state, and national happenings.

Throughout the show, Brian invites your calls on the issues, concerns, and events that affect life in the Ozarks and country—Call us! 417-862-9977 or 1-800-375-0056

At 8, Dan Vaughn joins in on the fun, as he and Brian consider why the region and country seem to be heading someplace warm, and why a handbasket is involved!

At 9, Dan and Jeff Clinkingbeard take over for the final hour of Morningline, and work hard to get the rest of your day off on the right track.

It's Morningline on NewsTalk 560AM, KWTO! Thank you for joining us, and be sure to check out Brian's Blog below! 

Issue Links and Facts

Be sure to join us for the Fair Tax Debate, live from 7-9, March 12th on Morningline!   Participants include Rep. Ed Emery, John Putnam ( and Amy Blouin of The Missouri Budget Project.
              Missouri Fair Tax Proposal
   Pro! Click Here 
Con! Click Here  

                 Missouri Department of Revenue Page on Sales and Use Taxes
                  Dr. John Lilly on Health Care Reform (TYCOA website)
              Processing Horse Meat in Missouri
                                                    Rep. Jim Viebrock
              Global Spending on Haiti 

              Fallout from Dr. Ed: The Humanist Manifesto
                                                         Faith of the Founding Fathers

Per Pupil Cost of Education in Springfield Public Schools
Morningline Segments

        Goof of the Week   (Awarded every Friday in the 8:30 half hour)  

        Students Speak      (Every Wednesday)  

        Darin and the Yankee   (Brian plays the Yankee, and Darin tries to take him to the political woodshed every Monday and Friday at 7)

        Livengood Update (Chad Livengood from the Springfield News-Leader gives us a live update on the goings on in Jefferson City every Wednesday at 7) Check out Chad's Inside Missouri Politics blog.

Morningline in the Springfield News-Leader!

Our first show of 2010 landed on the paper's front page on January 5, 2010!
Goofs of the Week

Week 1: "Big Sis" Janet Napolitano

Week 2: Rev. Pat Robertson

Week 3: Former Sen. John Edwards

Week 4: Springfield Public School District

Week 5: President Obama

Week 6: Joestradamus

Week 7:

Week 8: Springfield Mayor Jim O'Neal

Week 9: Springfield City Council

Brian Calfano is a college professor who teaches political science at Missouri State University. He was born and raised in New Jersey, but made his way to Texas to earn his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas in 2007.
Brian still keeps his cowboy boots nearby, and refuses to take down the big Texas flag hanging in his office.  
Having moved to Springfield in 2008, Brian continues to discover new and great things about living in the Ozarks. He loves his work on KWTO, and appreciates all the support from Morningline’s many listeners. Brian looks to keep you entertained and informed every weekday morning from 6-9!

What People are Saying about Brian and Morningline

           ". . . Brian is just a know it all and so full of himself that it makes you want to barf!!" (from a listener e-mail)

            "You might think Italian when you hear his name.  But, he's also half Irish to add to his fame. He's Brian Calfano, a brilliant young man. Find me one smarter, if you think you can. He's not only smarter, beyond his young age. He's nice to his callers, beyond his low wage. He's loved by his students, as many will tell, and liked by his callers, and listeners as well. So listen intently to his every show, and you will observe what I already know. He takes all the calls, whoever they be. He even puts up with callers like me." (Ernie, Reeds Spring, MO)  

Contact Brian

Brian can be reached via regular mail at Meyer Communications.
You can e-mail Brian at

Facebook Brian

Brian has his own Facebook page, and he would love for you to “friend” him. Simply set up a Facebook account (if you don't already have one), and search “Brian Calfano”.

Brian's Blog

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 18:15 by bcalfano | 7 comments


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